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Paradigm shift in science:

There is no living matter! It is not the matter which lives.

In the last decades science and technology have deeply penetrated into the area of living nature. Thereby the same mechanistic thinking and the same materialistic method that had been so successful in scientific research in the inanimate area of physics were used. This thinking and this method however principally can only recognize the created being, but not the creative living itself (in this text "the living" means the realm of vital and vitally forming forces). For this purpose a complete different way of scientific research is necessary. Such a new scientific method can be based on the presently increasing awareness of vital power and vital processes. Beyond science this could also lead to an organic thinking and acting.

Empathy and inner imitation as a scientific methodology to recognize living nature

The living as a process cannot scientifically be seized by measurements and terms. It can only be experienced by an internal process of the researcher: empathy and inner imitation understood as an artistic perception can lead to an intuitive knowledge of the living, with far reaching effects for our relationship with nature and our interacting in social life.

In the book, which you can find on the right side of this page, some historical ways of perceiving and recognizing the living are shown. Besides this it is explored if quantum physics and the theory of the morphogenetic fields can help to understand the living. Unfortunately this book is only available in German. Anyhow, two extracts from the book, which were published as articles in a German magazine, can be read in English. The first article addresses the same subject as the book in a shortened way (see living nature in the upper menu bar), the second compares Sheldrakes morphogenetic fields with Aristotle’s concept of an animating soul (see morphogenetic field in the upper menu bar).
An article, which compares the concepts of Goethe an Sheldrake was already published in 2001 (see article 2001 in the upper menu bar).

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Publications on this subject

Werner Merker
Die Wissenschaft des Lebendigen

Vom mechanistischen zum organischen Denken
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Empathy and imitation as a scientific methodology to recognize living nature
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Werner Merker: Vom mechanistischen zum organischen Denken und Handeln

2 articles in the journal Matrix3000,
Aug. und Nov. 2001

From mechanistic to organic thinking and acting

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